Chongqing Bozhang's first overseas project equipment acceptance in 2020



On the afternoon of October 27, 2020, Chongqing Bozhang Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as 'Bozhang') successfully passed the remote video acceptance with overseas customers.

Chongqing Bozhang's first overseas project equipment acceptance in 2020

The whole video acceptance work lasted nearly 3 hours, and the customer technical team carried out a comprehensive acceptance of the number, size and performance of the project equipment through mobile video connection. The relevant staff of Bozhang quality management department and manufacturing center check and measure the on-site equipment one by one according to customer requirements. The international trade department explains the whole acceptance process to customers.

Chongqing Bozhang's first overseas project equipment acceptance in 2020The potash project is the first overseas project officially signed by Bozhang at the beginning of 2020, and the whole process of project promotion has experienced twists and turns. It was originally planned that customers should visit Bozhang for on-site investigation and business communication in the first week after the start of the factory after the lunar new year. However, due to the sudden outbreak of Xinguan epidemic, this work could not be carried out, leaving both sides in an extremely passive situation. After that, Bozhang international trade department took active measures, and after demonstration, suggested to customers that the project technical exchange and equipment Q & A should be carried out through network video conference, so that the project cooperation could be smoothly promoted.

Chongqing Bozhang's first overseas project equipment acceptance in 2020Although there are many technical problems involved in the project and many details need to be discussed repeatedly, every time we communicate with customers, the customers express their full trust in Bozhang, and more than once in the communication, they mentioned: 'we are full of confidence in the devices of Bozhang!'. This kind of trust is the affirmation of the strict requirement of product quality and the assiduous research on technology of Bozhang in the past 17 years; it is the recognition of the hard work and continuous progress of all Bozhang people; it is the priceless treasure of Bozhang and the soul of the enterprise. Bo Zhang will cherish this hard won achievement and make greater efforts to contribute more value to the global chemical industry.


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