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Guide / Xu Xuexue

Bozhang people sharpened their swords for 16 years. The sword's edge means that it shines in Kyushu. Carrying the original dream, Bozhang people forge ahead, develop and grow continuously, and become the new rising show of chlor alkali industry! Chongqing Bozhang signed a 50000 ton 48% - 99% NaOH solid alkali plant project with Zhejiang Juhua Co., Ltd. in October 2018. Now, it has been successfully started in one time on January 15, 2020. I'd like to congratulate you!

Don't forget your original intention, don't be

Zhejiang Juhua Co., Ltd. was founded on June 17, 1998. It is a listed company established for more than 20 years. It has gradually transformed from a basic chemical industry enterprise into a leading fluorine chemical industry enterprise in China, and has become a leading fluorine chemical industry and chlorine alkali chemical industry comprehensive supporting advanced manufacturing base of fluorine chemical industry in China. At present, the company has more than 100 sets of internationally advanced production devices, and its main products are in the leading position in terms of production technology, safety and environmental protection technology and supporting facilities, production and operation management level, etc.

Chongqing Bozhang has always treated the 50000 ton 48% - 99% NaOH solid alkali plant project signed with Zhejiang Juhua Co., Ltd. in a strict and prudent craftsmanship spirit. Chongqing Bozhang marketing center, technology center, manufacturing center and other departments have worked together to deliver a satisfactory answer sheet to customers with high quality. Since the equipment installation of the solid alkali unit project in November 2019, the marketing center and relevant personnel of the technical center have been sticking to the project site to guide the installation work. They overcame the working environment of the full frame structure on site, suffered from the wind and rain, and finally made a one-time visit at 15:30 p.m. on January 15, 2020 after the hard work of white and black, 5 + 2 and two shifts The start-up was successful. The concentration of NaOH reached over 98.5% on the 16th day, and all indicators met the expected requirements. It is gratifying that the device has realized overload operation!

Growth is like a pot of tea, a pot of dissolved tea cut with the boiling water of spirit: rolling, rolling, cooling, quiet, everyone knows the fragrance and praises. On the way of growing up, you should not be depressed when you are frustrated, restless when you are confused, or arrogant when you are proud. From the beginning to the end, you should never forget your original intention. This is the same with the growth of Bo Zhang!

In the art of war of Sun Tzu, there is a saying that 'knowing the general of the army, living the life of the people, and being the master of national security'. The importance of an excellent leader to an enterprise is not the same. On July 8, 2003, Zhang Jian, the leader of Chongqing Bozhang, who is full of the national feelings of 'national industry and world Bozhang', with firm ideals and beliefs, made an enterprise focusing on pump research and development and production, with only 300000 venture funds, appear under an ordinary and great name - Chongqing Bozhang mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Chongqing Bozhang).

Don't forget your original intention, don't be

Witnessing the hardships of the road

In the early stage, the production units of domestic chlor alkali industry were relatively backward, most of the advanced units in China were also imported from abroad. As the main supplier, European enterprises had an unshakable position. In order to break the technical blockade in Europe, Chongqing Bozhang developed the first high-performance laminating machine in 2004, which filled the gap in the domestic market. In 2010, the first set of solid alkali unit was developed and put into operation successfully. However, Chongqing Bozhang, who has just turned to chlor alkali industry, is also facing great challenges. In 2013, Chongqing Bozhang signed a 100kt / a caustic soda evaporation plant with its customers, but the project was cancelled and the contract was terminated after 500000 equipment and materials had been purchased back. In 2014, our company actively and boldly played games with European enterprises in the bidding of 300000 tons of potash project, but the customers in order to ensure that The smooth operation of this project fails to believe that our company, a new rising star in the chlor alkali industry, has the ability to compete with European enterprises. In the end, Chongqing Bozhang lost the project.

Don't forget your original intention, don't be

Don't forget the original mind when climbing -- cool and calm

Although the road to break through Europe's technological blockade and monopoly is long and long, the road to growth is full of thorns, and Chongqing Bozhang is constantly experiencing ups and downs, but he has never been depressed! He recruited talents, independent research and development, and used countless days and nights to overcome the technical bottleneck of the industry and surpass innovation. He adheres to the original intention, with the belief of national industry, and is committed to breaking the monopoly of European enterprises on domestic chlor alkali industry. He will not lose heart and give up, so as to build up strength for 'national industry and World Expo'!

Don't forget your original intention, don't be

The mountain is heavy, the water is heavy, and there is no way out

President Xi has also said that devotion is only to one's ambition, and industry is only to one's diligence. Ideals guide the direction of life, and beliefs determine the success or failure of a business; without ideals and beliefs, enterprises will suffer from 'lack of calcium' in spirit. 'Bozhang dream' has given Bozhang people a strong impetus, and they have been constantly moving forward in innovation practice. Even in the face of confusion, they are not restless!

Don't forget your original intention, don't be

In March 2014, faced with the tight time and difficulty of the customer's plant transformation project, and the domestic and even European enterprises do not have the performance environment to transform similar devices, Bozhang seized this opportunity and burst out the previous countless day and night efforts in this instant! Chongqing Bozhang successfully defeated the European enterprises, successfully transformed the imported devices of the first phase of the customer into one-time successful driving and smooth operation without problems, which was the first shot of Bozhang in the group. After that, Chongqing Bozhang has more and more close contact with customers, which makes Chongqing Bozhang get a series of good reputation in independent design, process package supply, installation, training, maintenance, after-sales service, such as reasonable equipment layout, advanced design technology, stable operation after start-up, etc.

More battles, more bravery

Don't forget your original intention, don't be

The edge of a sword comes out of whet

Don't forget your original intention, don't be