Management measures for proposal



Chongqing Bozhang production department actively cooperates with the proposal improvement management method and puts forward several valuable improvement plans! We hereby commend continuous improvement as the permanent motivation of enterprise development. In order to stimulate the potential of employees, give full play to their intelligence and initiative, actively participate in the company's lean production, improve labor efficiency, reduce production costs, offer suggestions for the development of enterprises, and realize self-worth. The company hereby formulated the management measures for proposal improvement.

Management measures for proposal

Since the company advocates the improvement of proposal, efficiency, cost control and lean production, all departments actively respond to the call of the company, and a batch of excellent groups and individuals emerge, which adds new momentum to the development of the company. In particular, under the leadership of Zhu Chaojian, the production department of the company has made outstanding achievements and achieved remarkable results. In a short period of time, a number of improvement programs have been proposed and vigorously implemented. He strengthened the team building, carried out the daily proposal improvement work with a broader vision and richer means, led the production department team to seek efficiency progress in the production process, paid attention to methods and technologies in everything, brought the most direct economic benefits to the company, and also significantly improved the cohesion and business ability of the team.

In line with the principle of fairness, fairness and openness, we have evaluated and praised many excellent proposals put forward by the production department level by level, among which the best ones are the best ones. We hope that we can make continuous efforts to create brilliant future.

1. Improvement of cutting process

Before improvement: the cutting and blanking process in the production workshop is too long and heavy; therefore, more than two people must operate during blanking, and they have to use the crane to assist them. At the same time, they are very laborious in the process of feeding and alignment, and their strength is very difficult, and it is not easy to be aligned; when using the crane to feed and return, the feeding and returning dimensions cannot be controlled; in short, the blanking process operation It is difficult to work, labor intensive and unsafe to operate.

After improvement: the feeding is very easy. One person can make the plate move in and out freely (without using the driving aid), and the alignment is easy and convenient. Thus, the labor intensity is greatly reduced, the cutting time is shortened, the hidden danger of safety is eliminated, and the good effect is achieved.

2. Improvement of pipe wrapping tooling for extended falling film pipe

On September 10, 2019, Luo Jun, the machining group, led the team to optimize and improve the waste materials for the pipe wrapping tooling of the extended falling film pipe, which has been greatly improved through the use verification. The situation before and after improvement is as follows:

Management measures for proposal

Through this effective improvement, the tooling can be used normally, the waste can be fully used, the number of labor can be reduced, the labor intensity can be greatly reduced, the quality can be guaranteed, the potential safety hazards can be eliminated, and the production efficiency can be greatly improved.

3. Improvement of cutting edge process of main cutter milling machine

On October 15, 2019, the production department improved the cutting edge processing of the main cutter milling machine. A new tool is made, which can clamp three blades at the same time for processing.

Before improvement:

In the process of milling the cutting edge of the main blade of the original laminating machine, due to the limitations of the tooling, only one blade can be clamped on it for processing, so the processing efficiency is low.

After improvement:

After the improvement of tooling, three blades are clamped for milling. The results show that this method can fully meet the machining requirements, and the machining blades can fully meet the quality requirements. Therefore, the machining efficiency of the cutting edge milling process is increased by about 60% on the original basis.

After the analysis of the improved effect, it takes 12 minutes for the original tooling to clamp only one blade for cutting edge milling. After the improvement of the tooling, three blades can be clamped for simultaneous processing, which takes 13 minutes. The average processing time of each blade is shortened to 4.5 minutes, so as to improve the processing efficiency by about 60% and reduce the processing time by 7.5 minutes per piece.

4. Improvement of welding machine transfer tooling

On October 25, 2019, the production department improved the welding machine transfer tooling.After the analysis of the improved effect, the original welding machine handling method needs to be carried twice by equipment and gas cylinder, and the labor intensity of the staff is large. After the improvement, the handling can be easily completed only once, so as to reduce the handling time and labor intensity

Before improvement: according to the configuration of the company's equipment, it is impossible to equip a welding equipment at each place where welding is needed. Therefore, it is often necessary to move the welding machine, or even across workshops. According to the analysis of the original handling method, it is difficult to move the personnel, and the gas cylinder and welding need to be carried out by many people or back and forth many times.

After improvement: after tooling improvement, the handling time of welding machine is greatly reduced, and the labor intensity of workers is also reduced.

It is the working principle of the production department to control every process and make every product well. Through the improvement, the wisdom of the staff is excavated, the cooperation ability between teams is greatly improved, the team consciousness is enhanced, and a positive corporate culture atmosphere is formed within the company. In view of such excellent collectivity and style, the company advocates all employees to learn from the production department and actively participate in lean production. At the same time, the production department is expected to make further efforts and make new achievements to contribute more to the development of the company.