Leaders'Delivery of Coolness in the Hot Summer of August --- Thank the leaders of the CPPCC and the



The breeze refuses to come, the sun refuses to dusk, Bozhang guests come.

Yesterday afternoon, in Chongqing's persistent hot and hot weather for many days, Ms. Liu Hua, Vice-Chairman of Chongqing Municipal Consultative Conference, joined forces with Mr. Gan Changfu, Chairman of Bishan Overseas Chinese Federation, and Mr. Peng Xuesong, Vice-Chairman of Bishan Overseas Chinese Federation, to visit Chongqing Bozhang Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. for all cadres and workers fighting on the production front line. The warm condolences, and to bring you ice black tea, pulsating mineral water, Yijian soda water and Qingwei Huanglian tablets and other anti-heat and cooling drinks. Zhang Jian, chairman of the company, led by Pan Daocheng, deputy vice president of technology, Xing Dezheng and Fan Yi, director of development strategy, and other senior leaders, expressed warm welcome and heartfelt thanks for their arrival.

Leaders'Delivery of Coolness in the Hot Summer of August --- Thank the leaders of the CPPCC and the

Our company's employees are still working diligently and vigorously in their respective positions in the face of high temperature and hot summer, and their working attitude has been unanimously praised by the leaders of the CPPCC and the Overseas Chinese Federation. At the same time, we are particularly urged to put heat prevention and cooling work in place, put the health of employees first, arrange work and rest time scientifically, strengthen the prevention of safety accidents, and strictly implement rules and regulations, so as to create a good working environment for employees and ensure orderly production in high temperature season.

The cordial condolences and concern of the leaders have inspired and moved our broad staff. They have expressed their gratitude for the arrival of the leaders and expressed that they will stick to their posts with more enthusiasm and attitude in the future, ensure that all production tasks are completed on time, with quality and quantity, and spare no effort to fight against the difficulties of high-temperature production. War!