How to Develop Chemical Industry with High Quality



Chemical industry is the basic industry of national economy, which is related to the development of all walks of life. According to the report of the International Federation of Trade Unions, chemical industry covers almost all production sectors, contributing about US$5.7 trillion and providing 120 million jobs through direct, indirect and in-depth impact on the global gross domestic product. China is a big chemical country in the world. The chemical industry has a prominent position in the national economy. It is not only related to economic development and social employment, but also highly related to the development of strategic emerging industries such as electronic information, new materials and new energy downstream of the industrial chain. Therefore, the chemical industry is not a question of whether or not to develop, but how to develop. In order to realize the scientific and orderly development of chemical industry, efforts should be made in the following aspects.

Safe green is the bottom line. There are many sources of danger and safety risks in chemical industry. Safety production should be a focus of attention. The development of chemical industry must strictly adhere to the safety bottom line, improve risk investigation, assessment, early warning and control mechanism, and reduce safety risks. At the same time, we should also stick to the green bottom line, through the establishment of rules to ensure that enterprises meet the production and emission standards. For enterprises that fail to meet the environmental protection standards, we should establish an inversion mechanism, rectify within a time limit, and withdraw if they fail to meet the standards.

The transformation and upgrading are inevitable. The output value of China's chemical industry is huge. Even if all the emissions meet the standards, the pressure of environmental protection is very great because of the limitation of environmental capacity. Therefore, we must concentrate our efforts, increase investment, overcome the bottleneck restrictions of environmental protection technology, develop new fine chemical industry and new format guided by green technology, impel industrial transformation and upgrading, and achieve scientific development, orderly development and high-quality development.

Returning to the city and entering the garden is the direction. Parking and integration are the development direction of chemical industry. They can not only effectively solve the neighbourhood avoidance effect, but also realize intensive and efficient management and centralized pollution control. For example, since 1996, Shanghai Chemical Industry Park has been constructed, drawing on the experience of world-class chemical industry parks, and implementing the five integration of product projects, public assistance, logistics transmission, environmental protection and management services. The emission standards meet or exceed the European and American standards. At present, the entrance rate of chemical enterprises in our country is still not high. To break through the predicament of 'chemical siege' and 'chemical siege', we need to intensify the efforts of 'withdrawing from the city to enter the park'.

Rational layout is the trend. Due to the strong economic strength of the coastal areas, the green development has achieved results, and the environmental protection ability is relatively stronger. In recent years, the trend of chemical industry parks in China to gather in the eastern coastal areas is obvious. According to the 'Top 30 Chemical Parks of China in 2018' issued by the Parks Working Committee of the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, 24 of them are located in the eastern region, and the industrial agglomeration effect is very significant. Meanwhile, the Basf Zhanjiang project with a total investment of 10 billion US dollars and the Zhoushan Green Petrochemical Base project with a planned investment of 200 billion US dollars have also settled down in the coastal areas. How to promote the high-quality development of chemical industry has become a major issue in coastal areas.

To promote the scientific and orderly development of chemical industry, we need to have a determination, a realistic stand and scientific and effective measures. All proceed from reality, and combine classified measures with dredging and blocking, so as to make our economic development healthier, more efficient and more vigorous.