Focus on Five Key Works in New Chemical Materials Industry



On July 5, experts at the Symposium on Development Strategies of New Chemical Materials Industry in China said that the new chemical materials industry should improve its awareness of the urgency of high-quality development, adhere to innovation-driven, strengthen the study of industry transformation strategy, and accelerate the work of making up for shortcomings in the industry.

The Department of Petrochemical Industry, Department of Industrial Development of NDRC, Tengfei, said that the ability of independent innovation, achievement transformation and technology application of new chemical materials in China still need to be further improved. Promoting industry transformation and independent innovation has become an urgent need for accelerating high-quality development of new chemical materials industry.

Li Shousheng, president of the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, stressed that at present, China's new chemical materials industry has made significant progress in a series of key technologies, the scale of the industry continues to expand, the effect of industrial agglomeration is remarkable, and leading enterprises have accelerated their growth. 'Nevertheless, the industry still faces difficulties and challenges. Many high-end products are still seriously insufficient in supply. The industrialization level of key supporting raw materials needs to be improved. The core technology is restricted by others, the market is small and decentralized, the innovation system and mechanism are not perfect, the independent innovation system needs to be improved urgently, and the production capacity of some products has been structured. There are still some seedlings left. Li Shousheng said.

Li Shousheng pointed out that next step, the new chemical materials industry should continue to make breakthroughs in the research and development of key core technologies, and focus on five points of work. First, to meet the major needs of the country and industry, we should strive to conquer a batch of technology to make up for shortcomings. Combining with China's major strategic needs of new energy vehicles, rail transit, aerospace, national defense and military industry, we have conquered a number of 'neck-jamming' technologies.

Second, keep abreast of the international frontier and seize a batch of commanding technology. Accelerate advanced deployment, build first-mover advantages, strive to achieve independent R&D and innovation in more key technologies, and form a number of internationally leading original core technologies with independent intellectual property rights.

Third, we should build a number of high-level innovation platforms around improving the ability of independent innovation. We should make full use of international and domestic innovation resources, actively cultivate and build a number of national and industry-level innovation centers, further accelerate the industrialization of technology and the transformation of achievements, and form a strong support for the transformation and upgrading of the industry.

Fourth, deepen the reform of scientific and technological system and mechanism, and actively create an environment conducive to innovation. It is suggested that the relevant departments further listen to the opinions of enterprises and scientific research institutions, and fully release the innovation vitality and motivation of enterprises and scientific and technological workers from the institutional mechanism.

Fifth, strengthen investigation and research, actively do a good job in the preparation of the 14th Five-Year Plan for new chemical materials, and conduct a comprehensive investigation and Study on the current situation, existing problems, future development ideas and Strategies of the industry.

Xu Jian, deputy director of the Strategic Planning Committee of the Institute of Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that at present, the Sino-US trade war has sounded an alarm bell for China's new chemical materials industry. The industry should strive to eliminate 'neck-stuck' areas, such as silicon and silicon-based materials, high-end photoresist, high-power semiconductor packaging materials and so on. In the future, the industry should objectively evaluate the development direction of the industry with the statistics and precision of big data, seek scientific research cooperation with the economic benefit model of financial accounting, enhance the ability of independent innovation, and guide the new material industry to step into the fast track of high-quality development.