"Great, My Country" column "Blog Special Film" grandly launched



Chongqing Bozhang's breaking the monopoly of the western countries for more than 30 years and Zhang Jian's personal brilliant entrepreneurship have gradually aroused strong concern in the industry. People are concerned about what wonderful stories are behind the miracle of national industry. Recently, Issue 233 of The Great My Country, one of the trump cards of Iron Blood Network, has made a brilliant interpretation of Bozhang's miracle from the perspective of displaying national achievements.

'Iron Blood Network' is the most well-known website in the field of military culture in China. According to the Internet authority Erie Consulting, its Wechat Public Number fans have reached 10 million. The program 'Great My Country' is a well-known video program launched by 'Iron Blood Network'. It aims to spread positive energy and introduce the industries, enterprises, figures and achievements of China's great development. By showing the achievements and achievements of China in various fields, the program introduces China's rapid development from different angles and strives to achieve the strongest business card to publicize China's achievements. 。

The 233rd issue of 'Great My Country' has been published simultaneously on more than ten network platforms such as 'Today's Headlines', 'Tencent', 'Netease', 'Sina', 'Phoenix', 'Sohu', 'Baidu', 'Second Shot', 'YOUKU', 'bilibili', 'YouTube'.

Welcome friends who care about China's take-off and the revitalization of national industry to watch and forward!

I hope that through this short video, more enterprises and friends will understand the pattern of 'small business, big world' of Bozhang people.

Great my country, great my blog!

Attachment: Video Commentary on Bozhang Special Issue No. 233 of 'Great My Country'

Chongqing Bozhang Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.

Hello, everyone. Welcome to the 233 issue of Great My Country!

Solid alkali, also known as sodium hydroxide, we usually use soap, rubber tires, pesticides for planting, environmental protection wastewater treatment are inseparable from solid alkali. It is the foundation of all chemical industries, and the foundation of the new industrial system begins with two bases and three acids. At present, China's chlor-alkali industry has accounted for more than half of the global chlor-alkali industry.

However, solid caustic soda production equipment belongs to high temperature and high corrosion equipment. For a long time, China's independent research and development ability in this field is weak. It can only be imported from abroad, and the price of equipment is very high. By 2005, Chongqing Bozhang Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. jointly with many industry experts such as Material Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, finally developed the main equipment of chlor-alkali chemical plant-tableting machine, which was operated in the chlor-alkali Branch of Sichuan Yibin Tianyuan Chemical Group in the same year, and successfully filled the gaps in China. Subsequently, the chippers were successfully installed and operated in chemical plants in Shanxi, Xinjiang, Gansu, Hunan and other places, occupying the dominant position in the domestic chipper sales market at that time.

The emergence of Bozhang has aroused the vigilance of European monopoly enterprises, which have begun to strictly restrict the export of other solid caustic soda technology to China. Especially the core solid-alkali evaporation technology, this kind of evaporation device for the concentration and solidification of corrosive raw materials is very difficult. At that time, General Motors of the United States tried to produce, but also failed. In the past, the imported evaporator of solid caustic soda is not only extremely expensive, but also has a service life of less than two years and a long maintenance cycle. Sometimes, in order to wait for the replacement of damaged parts, Chinese enterprises often have to shut down for two or three months, which greatly hinders production. In order to break the dilemma, Bozhang organization mobilized technical personnel to launch a key research project on solid-alkali evaporation device. In 2010, the first fully localized molten salt valve solid-alkali device was successfully operated in Inner Mongolia, ending the 35-year history of European companies monopolizing the global supply market of solid-alkali devices, and becoming the second and only enterprise in the world with comprehensive grasp of solid-alkali device research and manufacture technology. Industry. The price of Bozhang equipment is less than one third of that of imported equipment. Its service life is 1/3 longer than that of imported equipment. Its maintenance cycle is shorter and parts can be damaged and replaced within 72 hours. Compared with the imported equipment, the energy consumption is greatly reduced. A chemical enterprise with an annual output of 50,000 tons can save more than 2 million yuan in energy consumption cost every year after adopting this equipment.

With such advantages, Bozhang Machinery and Electricity has gained a large market share from foreign companies. In just five years, Bozhang Machinery and Electricity has obtained the orders of more than a dozen domestic chlor-alkali chemical production enterprises, such as Qinghai Salt Lake Group, Ningxia Jinyuyuan Group, Shandong Xinfa, Yantai Wanhua and so on. And successfully entered Iran, India, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Turkey and other markets, and won a large number of orders. Now Bozhang's soda-fixing plant occupies most of the international and domestic soda-fixing equipment market. Its technology level and product quality have reached or even surpassed foreign equipment in an all-round way, which makes the Western enterprises that once monopolized the world also propose to learn from Chinese enterprises.

Zhang Xiantao, the father of Zhang Jian, the founder of Bozhang, is an old military worker who has struggled for the nuclear submarine cause of China for most of his life. Like other children who grew up in military industrial college, Zhang Jian was full of emotion for his motherland since he was young and worried about the backward situation in China. When he grew up, he set up a blockade from scratch to interrupt the technological blockade of foreign countries. He insisted on technological innovation, took products abroad, and let many foreign colleagues begin to re-recognize China's private enterprises. China's Renaissance depends not only on the giants of millet, China Railway, China Car and Aerospace Science and technology, but also on small businesses like Bozhang, which specialize in a certain field. Facts have proved that as long as they are willing to study hard, small enterprises can also be the first in the world. And that's how our program is advertised.