The national industrial world boasts!



On December 12, Ms. Meng Wanzhou, the CFO of Huawei, was released on bail.

That's good news, but it also reveals a signal that Made in China has a longer and more arduous road to go if it wants to play internationally. One thing is certain, however, that Chinese enterprises will continue to carry forward Huawei's spiritual will and craftsmanship quality to form a more powerful 'China Brand' corps, regardless of favorable circumstances and adversities.

民族工业 世界博张!

Moreover, more and more enterprises are now becoming 'Huawei' in their respective fields, jumping into the world market and building momentum for China. Chongqing Bozhang Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd., a private high-tech enterprise that I want to talk with you today, is one of the representatives.

In recent years, the development of Bozhang can be said to be rapid progress, all the way to success.

民族工业 世界博张!

The latest data show that by the end of October 2018, Bozhang soda-fixing plant has reached the world's leading level. More than 20 soda-fixing evaporation units have been successfully operated at home and abroad. Products and orders have successfully entered India, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Turkey and other countries. The 'Made in China' business cards in the field of soda-fixing evaporation have been successfully launched abroad.

民族工业 世界博张!

In 2016, Bozhang achieved sales revenue of more than 100 million yuan. In 2018, the company's per capita output value reached 1168,800 yuan. The core competitiveness of the enterprise is far ahead of the industry.

Today's glorious, the key lies in Bozhang Chairman Zhang Jian's pioneering work in 2010. That year, the company's first self-developed soda-fixing evaporator successfully operated, ending 60 years of European enterprises dominating the global soda-fixing plant market.

民族工业 世界博张!

In the outside world, this is a proud achievement, but for Zhang Jian or Bo Zhang, it is a breakthrough that has to be achieved under the 'encirclement and interception' of large European companies.

In 2007, the tablet machine produced by Bozhang in the field of solid caustic soda has occupied 80% of the Chinese market, breaking the dominant position of European monopoly enterprises in China for many years. Seeing that they are constantly at a disadvantage, European enterprises announced that packaged sales of solid-alkali evaporation complete sets of equipment means that solid-alkali manufacturers have to buy a complete set of equipment including tableting machines if they want to buy, which makes the blog of single-production tableting machines in a temporary dilemma.

At that time, Zhang Jian decisively decided to start the research and development project of the whole set of solid-alkali evaporation equipment.

民族工业 世界博张!

For Bozhang, this is a self-breakthrough that must be achieved. In the meantime, Zhang Jian kept lending money and threw it into the bottomless pit of scientific and technological research and development. You know, even the U.S. General Research and Development of Soda Fixation Device ended in failure, and Bozhang compared with the general volume of ants and elephants, no one knows what the result will be. However, Zhang Jianxin, with all his heart and all his heart, led the team to victory in 2010.

民族工业 世界博张!

Some may wonder how Bozhang can shake up European companies with its own strength, so that they have to change the rules to regain the market. In 2004, the team of Zhang Jian's leading company relied on innovative technology to solve the problem of repairing imported chippers for a chemical factory in Sichuan.

Since then, Bozhang embarked on the road of self-production of domestic tablets, although it triggered the 'encirclement and suppression' of European enterprises, but Bozhang knows the difficulties, but instead developed a blue sea. With the continuous improvement of product quality and the gradual expansion of enterprise scale, even the European enterprises that clamped down on Bozhang at that time can only bow their heads and ask Bozhang for teaching and learning.

民族工业 世界博张!

After reading the history of Bozhang's development, it is like a butterfly effect.

At first, it was only a small company that repaired an imported chipper, but it was unexpected that it would eventually become a world-renowned manufacturer of the whole set of devices. Tracing back to the source, the author believes that Bo Zhang can go to today by not forgetting his original intention, which is more in line with the words that Zhang Jian's father, Zhang Xiantao, taught him at the beginning of his entrepreneurship: 'People should have the spirit of daring to innovate and do things that others can not do.'

民族工业 世界博张!

In order to implement this motto, Zhang Jian has purchased factories, added equipment and recruited talents for more than a decade, making Bozhang bigger and bigger. Appearance looks bright, but in Chongqing, Zhang Jian is a well-known 'rental chairman'. Chongqing's house prices soar year after year, Zhang Jianeng spent more than 8 million yuan to buy new factories, but he was reluctant to pay down for his own house. Perhaps this is the special stubbornness and blood of the children coming out of the military compound.

民族工业 世界博张!

This year marks the 15th anniversary of Bozhang's founding. In the era of vigorous development of private enterprises, Bozhang is expected to build national brand with self-confidence in science and technology and inject the soul of innovation into every product. As Zhang Jian said in an interview, 'As long as we dare to innovate, it is not difficult to be the first in the world.' China Bozhang, break the pattern of industry, create the future of industry!