Warmly welcome the leaders of Shanxi Sunshine Coking Group Co., Ltd. to visit and exchange with us p



On January 4, 2019, Wang Youzhen, the head of procurement department of Shanxi Sunshine Coking Group Co., Ltd., visited our company. The two sides had a discussion and exchange in the conference room on the second floor. Pan Daocheng, deputy vice president of production, Wang Jianping and Deputy Sales Director Zhangke attended the meeting.




At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Pan, on behalf of the company, warmly welcomed Mr. Wang of Sunshine Coking Group. At the same time, Mr. Wang, who came from afar, sincerely expressed the joy and main purpose of the visit, and expressed his keen concern and great attention to the projects that the two companies are currently cooperating with.


Then, Minister Kou Chaobo of the Marketing Integrated Management Department of our company introduced the development process, main products, quality management, manufacturing process, engineering cases and other aspects of our company in an all-round way. After listening carefully to the on-site report, General Wang of Sunshine Coking Group highly praised our company's many gratifying achievements and strengthened confidence in the cooperation between the two sides.



After the meeting, we went to the production workshop and visited various equipment and operation processes. We experienced the daily working environment of the front-line workers. We had in-depth communication and Discussion on several major products, such as the complete set of equipment for solid-alkali evaporation unit, condensate heat exchanger, falling film tube and so on. At the same time, General Wang of Sunshine Coking Group also put forward hopes and requirements for our next work. He hopes to continue to carry forward the spirit of openness, strengthen management, continuously improve management level, overcome difficulties, actively communicate with them, learn from their strengths and make up for their weaknesses, integrate and develop. To ensure the construction safety, control the quality of the entity and ensure the engineering nodes.

Through this visit, on the basis of building experience exchange and ideological collision, you and I have further deepened mutual understanding and confidence for further cooperation. At the same time, I also believe that under the wise guidance of the company's decision-making leadership, we will do our work more efficiently and safely. Seize opportunities, open up ideas, sincere cooperation and seek common development!