True feelings to withstand winter and cold, warm in Bozhang --- Thank Liu Jin, Minister of United Fr



In autumn without pine breeze, geese go to the sky; in winter without snow, it is warm and cold at first, although it is approaching the end of the year, and it is about to return to the earth in spring, Chongqing is still full of cold afterwards. But we Chongqing Bozhang Electrical and Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. is surging up and down a warm current, filled with strong warmth everywhere. Yesterday, Liu Jin, Minister of United Front Department of Bishan District of Chongqing City, met the cold wind with four people, with the blessing of the New Year and deep concern to our company to condole and guide our work.

真情御冬寒,温暖在博张 —— 感谢璧山区统战部部长刘晋一行四人到我公司慰问并指导工作

(Left 1: Bozhang Mechatronics Pan General Left 2: Bishan United Front Minister Liu)

On behalf of the company's leading group and all the staff, Pan Daocheng, the executive vice-president of our company, expressed his sincere thanks and lofty respect to Minister Liu and his delegation for visiting our company in person. Especially after visiting our workshop, Minister Liu and his delegation were very satisfied and highly appreciated our company.

真情御冬寒,温暖在博张 —— 感谢璧山区统战部部长刘晋一行四人到我公司慰问并指导工作

真情御冬寒,温暖在博张 —— 感谢璧山区统战部部长刘晋一行四人到我公司慰问并指导工作

Minister Liu's blog trip greatly inspired the enthusiasm and fighting spirit of all our staff, and strengthened the confidence and determination of the staff to create brilliance without fear of difficulties. In the new year, we will also live up to Minister Liu's high expectations and create brilliance with more full spiritual outlook and high-spirited fighting spirit.