"Thanks for you in 2018, we will go hand in hand in 2019" - Warmly celebrate the "Chongqing Bozhang



Plum Blossom Ying Chunhui, Golden Pig Newspaper Happy Come! On January 20, 2019, all the leaders and employees of Chongqing Bozhang Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. gathered together at the People's Livelihood Hotel in Bishan District, Chongqing, to celebrate the annual meeting of Chongqing Bozhang Co., Ltd.

At 4:00 p.m., the conference opened in a wonderful and sincere New Year's speech by Mr. Zhang Jian, the chairman of the company.

“2018感恩有您,2019我们携手同行”—— 热烈庆祝“重庆博张机电设备有限公司2019新春团拜会” 在民生大酒店隆重举行

At the meeting, he made a comprehensive, objective and fair summary of the company's development in the past year, and put forward the future development ideas of the company in 2019. Later, Deputy Secretary-General Pan Daocheng praised and rewarded the company's advanced collectives and individuals in 2018.

This annual meeting is full of the ardent expectations of Chairman Zhang Jian and Executive Vice President Pan and other leading groups. All departments and groups are also talented, talented and varied. Implementing the company's tenet of 'Quality is Life' into colorful literary and artistic programs, so that the whole evening will be brilliant: the assembly group of the manufacturing department's program 'Assembly Style' as always excellent, let people laugh unceasingly; the purchasing department's unique 'Bozhang TV' ride the dust, won the laurel. In particular, the 'Song of Bo Zhang', which was sung by the general manager of a group of leaders, inspired everyone and expressed deep confidence and good wishes for our bright future.

“2018感恩有您,2019我们携手同行”—— 热烈庆祝“重庆博张机电设备有限公司2019新春团拜会” 在民生大酒店隆重举行

(1) Bozhang TV of Purchasing Department: General Manager's Song of Bozhang; Manufacturing Department's Assembly Style)

The red envelope game is very lively in the course of the program. Five rounds of lottery activities are also at the climax. The 1000 yuan cash ultimate award finally falls into the hands of Zhang Tao, R&D department. At the banquet, all the leaders and staff raised their glasses to celebrate the new year and wished Bozhang a better tomorrow.

“2018感恩有您,2019我们携手同行”—— 热烈庆祝“重庆博张机电设备有限公司2019新春团拜会” 在民生大酒店隆重举行

Around 8:30 p.m., the annual meeting successfully concluded in a harmonious, warm, passionate and joyful atmosphere, perfectly demonstrating the Bozhang people's energetic, uplifting, united and enterprising spiritual outlook.

“2018感恩有您,2019我们携手同行”—— 热烈庆祝“重庆博张机电设备有限公司2019新春团拜会” 在民生大酒店隆重举行

Mission gathers strength and vision inspires people to advance. Looking back on 2018, we will work together to achieve common results; looking forward to 2019, we have the same goals, full of confidence and common expectations. Pursuit and dream, blooming a gorgeous flower, struggle and struggle, compose a song of soaring. In the new year, let's stand on the new starting line and wish together: Chongqing Bozhang Co., Ltd., which is booming day by day, has made great achievements in innovation, and Chongqing Bozhang People, who are advancing bravely, will make new brilliance again!