The leader of Shapingba Science and Technology Committee of Chongqing visited our company for guidan



At 10:00 on January 24, 2019, a group of three people, Director of Guan of Shapingba Science and Technology Committee of Chongqing City, attended a symposium sponsored by Mr. Zhang Jian, Chairman of the Board of Directors. Vice Executive Director Keqin and Director of Strategic Development Fan Yi jointly attended the symposium.



At the beginning of the conference, Chairman Zhang expressed warm welcome and heartfelt thanks for the arrival of all the leaders. He also presented to the guests a detailed overview of the company's development process, production scale and the far-reaching impact of many major products on the whole industry.



After listening to Chairman Zhang's report carefully, Director Guan and his delegation fully affirmed and highly praised our outstanding contribution to the chlor-alkali industry, and put forward valuable opinions and suggestions for future development ideas, which opened the way for our next work and pointed out the direction.

He pointed out that in the company's current 'financing difficulties, talent introduction difficulties' and many other issues, we hope that we can speed up the handling of the difficulties encountered, focus on various factors, overcome difficulties as soon as possible, and actively and timely solve the various problems encountered in the development process. On the premise of ensuring safety, work quality and product quality should be further improved, and work should be carried out safely, qualitatively and efficiently.

At the same time, he stressed: First, we should focus on national policies and policies, and keep abreast of government information;

Secondly, as a key industry supported and supported by our city, we hope that our company will continue to use its own advantages to vigorously develop independent innovation, improve the ability of independent innovation, increase investment in scientific research, pay attention to the creation of independent knowledge and property rights, and make more and greater contributions to regional economic development and the cause of high-tech industry.

Thirdly, in the planning of establishing a scientific city in sandy areas, we can implement the plan of establishing a Research Institute of industry-university chain cooperation as soon as possible.

Director Guan's speech was clear and thought-provoking. We should analyze the problems from the perspective of overall thinking and development, and plan and guide the construction with new ideas. It perfectly embodies his spirit of advancing with the times as a leader, pioneering and innovative spirit of the times, and his value pursuit of establishing the Party for the public and governing for the people.

With the successful convening of this conference, we will earnestly study the spirit of the conference, further emancipate our minds and improve our work measures. We will implement the spirit of the conference and take it as an opportunity to continue to seize the opportunity, exploit pragmatically, and strive to promote the sound and rapid development of our company and even the whole industry.