Welcome Mr. Wang and his delegation from Shandong Binhua Group to visit our company.



On February 13, Mr. Wang of Shandong Binhua Group Co., Ltd., together with Mr. Liu Mingguo, Director of Bidding Office and Mr. Liu Changyu, Deputy Director of Workshop, visited our Chongqing Bozhang Machinery and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. The high-level leaders of our company, such as Chairman Zhang Jian, Executive Vice-President Pan, Technical Vice-President Xing and Production Vice-President Wang, warmly received all the guests and held a meeting on the second floor of our company. There were cordial talks in the conference room.


At the meeting, you first watched our company's promotional short film, and then vice-president of sales Zhang Ke introduced the company's development in detail over the years. Since its establishment in 2003, we have gone through sixteen spring and autumn waves, adhering to the core values of 'gratitude, help, perseverance, excellence', and taking 'national industry, world boasting' as our mission. Aim to become the world's leading brand, for the revitalization of the Chinese national industry, to achieve the great ideal of 'China Dream, Bozhang Dream' courageously forward! Over the years, we have also been fortunate to live up to our fate and achieve many successes.


Later, Chairman Zhang gave a detailed explanation of many of our main products, which was unanimously recognized and highly appraised by President Wang and his colleagues. At the same time, General Wang of Binhua Group also introduced to us the development and operation of your company. We are amazed by their complete industrial chain and outstanding main industries, which are our model and goal to follow.

After the meeting, under the leadership of Chairman Zhang, we came to our production workshop for further visits and understanding. Zhang Dong explained to the guests the production process of many products and the assembly process of each production line. The two sides also exchanged valuable experience.


In the afternoon, Binhua Group Wang and his delegation went to our strategic partner Chongqing Material Research Institute Limited for in-depth investigation and exchange. Thank you very much for your visit to our company, which has been a full day.


In the future, we will continue to strengthen all kinds of skills and technology, pay close attention to production, steadily improve product quality, strive to build a team of excellent business, unity and hard work, and create a 'first-class facilities, talent, management, quality first-class' high-standard enterprises. We don't forget the beginning, our mission is bound to reach!