Thank you, Ms. Hu Yao, Chongqing Finance Office, for coming to our Chongqing Bozhang Machine for gui



In order to promote the listing of Chongqing Bozhang Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd., enhance the professional knowledge and practice level of the leadership, further deepen the cooperation between the company and the multi-level capital market, integrate resources and broaden the financing channels of the company. On March 1, Ms. Hu of Chongqing Financial Work Office and Mr. Wang Zi, General Manager of Finance Department of Chongqing Branch of Yangtze Securities Co., Ltd., with full care and warmth, conducted a guidance meeting for our company on listing guidance and service.


The meeting was chaired by Chairman Zhang Jian and attended by Deputy Executive Director Pan Daocheng, Director of Strategic Development Fan Yi and Chairman Secretary Yi Xiaoxi.

At the meeting, Chairman Zhang first introduced to Ms. Hu, the Finance Office, the company's development, listing plan and various problems faced by the listing. With her professional knowledge and super-high business ability, Ms. Hu also explained to us in detail the professional knowledge of capital operation, equity financing, securities trading, risk control and so on.


 This meeting, let us further understand the stock market knowledge, financial knowledge and legal knowledge related to IPO listing, effectively improve the cognitive ability of our business leaders to multi-level capital market, and lay a solid foundation for the smooth promotion of the company's listing work.