To Guarantee Healthy Development by Standardization and Harmony



Labor disputes are a double-edged sword affecting both sides of labor and management. How to regulate labor and create a harmonious environment for common development requires not only companies to act in accordance with the law, but also employees to understand their rights and obligations. To this end, the Human Resources Administration Department of the company held a training on 'Knowledge of Labor Contract Law' on September 6, 2017. Training and explanation were given to the heads of various departments of the company.

In this training, the lecturer explained the difference between salary and salary, the minimum wage standard, annual leave, employment risk and other related policies, which made us have a deeper understanding of the Labor Contract Law, but also answered some doubts in our hearts. In addition, the lecturer made control combined with the situation of the company, according to the new 'labor contract law', for my company in the labor contract that the deficiencies or need to be amended, take it as a key project in the future work plan to complete.

For each person in charge of the Department, the training is significant, and enhance the understanding of 'labor contract law', the labor contract is the legal document binding upon both parties, not only the company according to the law of employment, employees can not willful violations of the labor contract, otherwise it should bear the corresponding legal responsibility. Participate in the training department responsible person said to be combined with the actual situation, the policy propaganda for their employees, the company every employee know the law.

For the company, the company in the standardized training is a try on the building, intended to create both sides a consistent and harmonious working environment, while the company's labor management and operation more reasonable standard, the employees and the company's rights are protected, and create conditions for the long-term healthy development of the company!